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Sherborne Sensors' range of Pancake load cells, Through Hole load cells, Donut load cells and Washer Load Cells are ideally suited to geotechnical applications where there is a requirement to measure deformation or movement of retaining walls, foundations, cliffs, embankments, buildings and bridges.


The continuing and increasing demand for energy in both the developed and developing worlds drives the need to search for ever more elusive sources, primarily petroleum and geothermal power. Significant advances in materials and techniques in the past few decades now enables drilling efforts in extreme environments, including under the sea bed at depths of 8 kilometres or more. In addition to the challenges of operating in these environments, finding small pockets where these resources are stored using directional drilling techniques requires precise positioning of the drilling equipment.

Sherborne Sensors has developed products specifically designed to meet these challenges including multi-axis inclinometers with high temperature electronics modules, housed in form factors specifically targeted at the drilling industry.

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