History of Sherborne Sensors

The roots of Sherborne Sensors can be traced back to the 1940’s, with the formation of Schaevitz Engineering; a USA based manufacturer of LVDTs and other precision sensors. Prompted by their sales success overseas, Schaevitz Engineering began manufacturing inertial products in the UK in 1974. This business model continued until 2002, when a group of former Schaevitz Engineering employees in the UK purchased the inertial products business and formed Sherborne Sensors Limited, thus continuing the design, development and manufacture of precision sensors, as well as other inertial sensor products. In 2007, Sherborne Sensors extended its product range beyond inertial sensors by obtaining the former Maywood Instruments force transducer product lines and intellectual property. Sherborne Sensors has since extended its operation further, establishing a strong sales and stocking operation in North America.

Sherborne Sensors continues to cost effectively manufacture its range of sensors to the highest quality and performance standards found in the industry. 

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