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Military organizations around the world are relying more and more on advanced sensor elements, and integrated sensor systems, to improve lethality, reduce cost, enable advanced capabilities, and protect the soldier, sailor, airman, or marine who is directly in harms way.

Sherborne Sensors is proud to support military entities in numerous countries in these efforts. In addition to applications on airborne platforms, several other ground and naval applications are enabled and supported by our products. Many of these applications require the highest possible accuracy and reliability, in very extreme environments. In addition, many of these applications require customized solutions that include specialized enclosures, connectors, supporting electronics and other componentry that Sherborne Sensors is uniquely qualified to provide. Applications range from turret control to antenna positioning, from structural health monitoring of ground and naval vehicles to test range instrumentation and munitions fire control.

Sherborne Sensors design, manufacture and supply a wide range of sensors across a range of military organizations. Available sensors include inclinometers, load cells and accelerometers.    

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