Custom Sensors

Sherborne Sensors actively supports a substantial infrastructure to design, develop, test and deliver customized sensor products and systems across all of the market areas we serve including custom inclinometers, custom accelerometers and customized load cells. This includes our own in house specialists in mechanical prototyping, electrical circuit design, accessory design and integration, and sensor packaging.

We welcome opportunities to design and evaluate solutions that modify our existing products, or require a completely new sensor, built around our proven inertial sensor elements. We are very adept at not only designing robust, accurate and repeatable products, but also doing so in a cost effective and timely manner.

Recognizing that design features of a sensor may at times enhance certain specification capabilities at the expense of others, we invest significant effort in consulting with our customers to completely understand their custom requirements, and convey our design recommendations in a comprehensive offering.

Please contact us at, or call our US offices for additional information.

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