Sensor Suppliers to the Test and Measurement Industries

Sensors Suppliers to the Test & Measurement Indistries

Mechanical systems that are deployed in every aspect of society are expected to operate reliably and effectively. The range of systems is nearly endless, and can include such diverse products as mobile phones, automobiles, airplanes, refrigerators, lawn sprinklers and child car seats. In most cases, these systems must meet requirements that originate through a government entity, or at a minimum perceived requirements that are expected by the user community. To ensure design concepts deliver these performance requirements, companies must test their products and confirm they survive and perform in the environments where they will be used. The need for sensors to support these efforts is substantial, with this market segment known commonly as Test and Measurement.

Sherborne Sensors has available a variety of products to support the inclination, acceleration and force measurements needed for the Test and Measurement community. Products designed for this segment can vary substantially from those used to take similar measurements in the production environment. Our expertise in working with design and test engineers to determine the most appropriate sensor ensures they will provide their customer with the data needed to confirm product or platform compliance to applicable regulations and standards.

Sherborne Sensors design, manufactures and supplies a wide range of high quality and high precision sensors including load cells, inclinometers and accelerometers.

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